GESCOM office

by Manager
Published: 24/12/2018 (5 years ago)
Near mothi circle,Ballari,Bellary

GESCOM office, KEB office, KEB complaints, Electricity supply office in Ballari/Bellary.

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  1. Rashmi

    Power cut in Bellary and there is no response from keb neither they reply nor pick the phone,, it’s been more than 24 hours. Keb mechanics told transformer has to be changed and sorry to say “Keb are indeed asking 20000-30000 from the general public “

  2. Shatak B Bellibatlu

    There is no power supply only in my area since morning at MV nagar 9th cross 3rd link

  3. Tejashwini

    Everyday there is powercut in bellary in the morning hours from 11 to 2 or 11 to 4 we are paying bills and tax for electricity.. In cities like bellary in summer power cut for 4 to 8 long hours is creating chaos.. We want correct and ontime response from electricity board

  4. Sk mahabub

    Worst government worst electricity employee in bellary our Andhra Pradesh is far better than this ballari city…,no current since 18hrs I don’t know what they are doing ward corporator also did not respond for this issue.,I came from Nellore Ap to bellary for marriage function…this is the example how BJP govt working here ..I don’t come next time to bellary worst govt worst employees worst people representatives

  5. Skmahabub

    In Andhra 1/2 hours they will rectify current cut issue…but in bellary no one respond about electricity issue our Andhra is far far far bettar than bellary

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